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  • kASAMAKI Yuji

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  • J.Yamakawa, J.Moriya, T.Takahashi, A.Ishige, Y.Motoo, F.Yoshizaki, T.Kanda:A Kampo medicine, boiogito, inhibits obesity in ovariectomized rats,Evid Based Complement Alternat Med,7:87-95,2010.
  • R.Chen, F.Liang, S.Morimoto, Q.Li, J.Moriya, J.Yamakawa, T.Takahashi, K.Iwai, T.Kanda:The effects of a PPARα agonist on myocardial damage in obese diabetic mice with heart failure,Int. Heart J.,51:199-206,2010.
  • Z.Shijie, J.Moriya, J.Yamakawa, R.Chen, T.Takahashi, H.Sumino, T.Nakahashi, K.Iwai, S.Morimoto, N.Yamaguchi, T.Kanda:Mao-to prolongs the survival of and reduces TNF-α expression in mice with viral myocarditis,Evid Based Complement Alternat Med,7:341-349,2010.
  • K.Konishi, A.Saito, K.Ishigami, M.Fukura, M.Hasegawa, N.Yamashita, T.Kanda, T.Ito, T.Kigoshi, Y.Izumi, N.Takekoshi:Hypoglycemia in elderly diabetes mellitus-free patients :Case reports and a review of literature,J. Kanazawa. Med. Univ.,35:13-15,2010.
  • K.Ishigami, N.Yamashita, K.Konishi, A.Saito, M.Fukura, M.Hasegawa, T.Kanda, T.Ito, T.Kigoshi, Y.Izumi, N.Takekoshi:Hypernatremia, rhabdomyolysis and acute renal failure,J. Kanazawa. Med. Univ.,35:68-69,2010